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Minutes for meeting on 10.11.98

Alpha:  Bring something to write on to the meetings.  
    This will be the meeting place from now on.  
    Office budgets are due on Wednesday.  

Beta:  Warren Miller tickets.   Schempp has them.  
    $7.  Thanks to people who worked in the soup 
    kitchen last week.  We may be able to get 
    money for the Ruckus this year.  We could 
    get a mail box.

Tau:  You have until nest Sunday to pay dues.  
    Budgets are due on Wednesday.  If you 
    need money before the budgets are in, 
    talk to James.  Also, talk to James if 
    you will have trouble paying dues.

Iota:  Primers are not Lambda Chi events, so 
    no Iotas will be selected.  Iotas for 
    canceled parties will be picked for 
    the next party.  If you cannot be iota 
    for an event you will be iota the next 
    time.  Donít show up to parties if 
    you said that you couldnít be Iota.

Kappa:  Pride cards will be handed out.  Men 
    Against Violence may start next week. 

Sigma:  Go to class drunk if you are still 
    drunk from the night before.  Donít just 
    skip class.

Epsilon:  We need to find out about parties 
    because Curtis is starting to fall out 
    of the loop of things( Heís to old).  
   We will start a party list.  When you find 
    out about parties call Curtisí.  
    Parties:  23rd of Oct. we should be partying 
    with AGR.  30th of Oct. Date party/Costume 
    party.  Talk to Curtis if you want to invite someone.  

Rho:  Only 2 people around the state care about us.
    Instead of going we are going to call them.  We 
    will rotate people.  Tell them about yourself, 
    where your from, what you like to do, etc.  
    Be polite, concise, direct, and respectful.  

Historian:  Get your pictures to Coffey. 

Jock:  Flag football Wednesday at 4:30.  Coed 
    Softball Monday @ 7 and 8.   
Story of the week:  Richardís beer story.

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