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Welcome to Eric Schempp's Homepage

You have now daringly entered the Home Page of none other that that of the Schemppmeister

My name is Eric Schempp. I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I currently am a senior attentding the University of Wyoming. My major is Marketing and I have a Minor in International Business.

A few good links that you should check out are:

Yahoo Finance Investment Challenge
This is a fun little stock market game
Ski Conditions
This is a good link where you can look up the conditions of any ski area in the United States and Canada
National Ski Patrol Homepage
This is the homepage for the National Ski Patrol
Semester at Sea
This is the home page for semester at Sea and a world of adventure. There is nothing quite comparable to it.

I am sorry that this page does not consist of much, but it is under construction, and trust me, I am working on it.

Feel Free to E-mail me at: