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Eric Schempp

1304 Gibbon Apartment #7
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

Job Objective:      To Obtain an entry level position

Current Education:  
                    Senior at the University of Wyoming, Majoring
                    in Marketing with a Minor in International
                    Current cumulative GPA is 3.2.  Will have
                    Completed 94.5 hours as of August, 1998.

                    Made the Dean's list in the Semester of Fall 1996

Work History, Experience and Skills:

                   Member of Snowy Range Ski Patrol: 1996-Present.  
                   Have Outdoor Emergency Care Training, Basic Avalanche, Senior Toboggan 
                   and Phase 1 training.  Skill include administering necessary emergency
                   care and first aid to injured skiers, properly communicating circumstances 
                   to superiors quickly and clearly, and transporting patient safely through
                   rigorous terrain.

                   Marketing Internship with the Tobacco Prevention 
               Coalition in Laramie, Wyoming: July 1998 to Present.
                   Focusing on the advertising aspect of marketing to try and create 
                   an awareness about smoke-free environments throughout Wyoming and 
                   specifically in Larmaie.  Job duties and skills include analyzing
                   various methods of advertising, putting together and administering 
                   focus groups, and speaking in front of large groups of people for 
                   extended periods of time.

                   Marketing Internship with the Wyoming Territorial
             Prison and Old West Park:  Summer of 1998

This Page is under some serious construction, and is in no way close to being finished. Please hang tight to see my Resume.