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American Slang
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There should be more than engough to keep you busy for a while
action- Did you see any action? I heard there were a lot of people.
air-head- Heís not very smart. Heís an air-head.
all nighter- I had to pull an all nighter to get work done.
awesome- Itís great. Itís awesome.
bad- That movie was bad. I loved it.
breeze- High school was a breeze. I never studied and still did o.k.
catch you later- Iím leaving. Catch you later.
chow down- Iím so hungry. I canít wait to chow down.
clueless- She has no idea. Sheís clueless.
con- I canít believe you conned me into giving you another chance.
cool- I love your pants. Theyíre cool.
cool down- Donít get so upset. You need to cool down.
Cop- Why do people think that cops like donuts so much?
couch potato- My friend watches t.v. all day long. Sheís a real couch potato.
cram- I forgot to study for the test. I will have to cram for it tonight.
croak- my grandma croaked when I was in 4th grade.
cruise- I was skiing so fast, I cruised down the hill.
damage-whatís the damage? I donít have very much money.
dead- The bar was dead. It was just me and the bartender.
dirty- There was a dirty movie on last night. A lot of naked people.
ditch-My friends left without me. Damnit, they ditched me.
dump- My boyfriend dumped me for a better looking woman.
dope- I said 2+2=4 not 3 you dope!
dork- Heís a bit unusual. Heís kind of a dork.
an earful- I got an earful of information about that teacher yesterday.
eating away at me- Knowing the truth and not being able to say anything is really eating away at me.
excellent- That is an excellent car you drive.
flaky- Some of my friends are so flaky. They are not very reliable.
flip out- Donít flip out! Everything will be fine.
get into something- Iím really getting into my aerobics class. I never miss it.
freebie- I will give you the answer to number 1. Itís a freebie.
get with it- Of course he wont mind, heís been dead for years. Get with it.
blow someoneís mind- That blows my mind that he graduated college in 2 years.
blow out- We really blew out at my friendís party last night. It was a great time.
blow someone away- He really blew me away with his kind words.
fox- Some guys think sheís a real fox. They think sheís very pretty.
funk- What is that smell? I think her shoes have the funk.
dough- You are going to have to pay. I donít have any dough.
barf- Of course you barfed. Thatís what happens when you drink 3 bottles of balzam.
bashed- He fell off the latter and bashed his head in. He was bleeding everywhere.
beat- Iím beat, Iím really tired
spent- I danced for 6 hours without stopping. Now Iím pretty spent.
bent out of shape- Donít get so bent out of shape, he didnít mean to insult you.
panties in a ruffle- Donít get your panties in a ruffle, weíll leave in a minute.
snappy- What a nice outfit! You are a snappy dresser!
freak- If you call someone a snappy dresser, they might think youíre a freak.
whacked- Another word for freak is whacked.
liquored- If you drink too much, you will be liquored.
full of it- I donít think you are speaking the truth. I think you are full of it.
get out- You canít be serious. Get out, I donít believe you.
shut the front door- Shut the front door. I canít believe sheís knocked up.
big mouth- If you tell her something, the whole town will know. She has a big mouth.
big stink- He had to make such a big stink out of something that wasnít very important.
blimp- I donít think people are very nice when they call over weight people blimps.
bomb- The movie was a bomb. It was horrible.
bomb-Thatís the bomb! I love it.
wow- Wow, Iím impressed.
bombed- He was intoxicated. He was bombed.
bonkers- If she doesnít stop talking, I will go bonkers.
booze- I feel like drinking. Who will buy the booze?
break- She got a break. They let her keep her job.
break it up- There was a fight and the cops had to break it up.
bummer- Your cat died? What a bummer!
bust- My seminar was a total bust. They hated it.
good call- Good call on that book. It was awesome.
can- Iíve had to go to the can for 5 hours. If I donít find a bathroom soon, Iím going to go in my pants.
catch some rays- Iím so pale, I think Iím going to lay out in the sun and catch some rays.
cheesy- He is so cheesy. He has the worst pick-up lines.
pick-up- Last night at the bar, a cheesy guy tried to pick me up. He asked to look at my tag and said, ďJust what I thought, 100% made in heaven.Ē
chicken- Why are you so afraid? Donít be a chicken.
go- Let me have a go at it. I think I can open the jar.
go bananas- Seeing a pool of chocolate would make me go bananas.
goofed up- My grammar is horrible. I really goofed up on the test.
gross- If someone doesnít flush the toilet, whatís left inside is gross.
grub- The grub on airplanes is gross. I usually never eat it.
grungy- I never wash my clothes. When I go out, I look grungy.
guts- It takes a lot of guts to jump into the lake when it is -40 degrees.
gut- I have bad feeling in my gut, something is going to go wrong.
hang loose- I need to relax. I think I will hang loose in the banya for a while.
hang out- I love hanging out with my friends. Itís fun to shoot the breeze with them.
Shoot the breeze- We were shooting the breeze yesterday for hours. We talked for a long time.
good vibes- I have good vibes about him. I think heíll be a good worker.
got it together- She  has really got it together. She has already accomplished so much.
bummed- Iím bummed I missed the birth of my nephew.
buck- Waitressing is a good job to have if you want to make a few extra bucks.
history- Our relationship is over. Youíre history!
hit- My pizza was really a hit. Best of all, no one got sick.
Hello- Did you even read your assignment? Hello?
hustle- If you donít hustle, weíre going to be late
in- I like your hat. Itís very in right now.
in deep- I canít get out of it now, Iím in too deep.
in the bag- I know they will win. Itís in the bag.
intense- That was an intense book. It has left me speechless.
speechless- I donít know what to say? Iím speechless.
jam- If you helped me out, youíd really be getting me out of a jam.
jock- What sport canít he do! Heís a real jock.
kick out of- I really get a kick out of watching a 28 year old break dance.
kicked out- She was so drunk, she was kicked out of the bar.
kick butt- The eighth grade basketball team really kicked butt against the American volunteers. The volunteers really sucked!
suck- They are not very good at basketball. They suck!
klutz- I trip at least three times a day. Iím really a klutz.
knocked up- His dog gets knocked up once a year. They always have puppies in their house.
kook- Connie saw a man outside that was only wearing a g-string and a Santa hat. What a kook!
laid back- She never gets upset. Sheís so laid back.
down to earth- He never boasts. Heís very down to earth.
lame- That was a lame excuse. You could have gone if you wanted to.
loser- Donít be such a loser, you know itís not nice to call people names.
love handles- If I donít stop eating perogies, Iím going to have huge love handles. I will not be able to button my pants.
maxed out- I have used my credit cards so often, I think theyíre almost maxed out.
mean- Misha plays a mean guitar. Heís excellent.
mellow out- you need to calm down and mellow out.
melt down- I had to stop studying because my brain was heading for a melt down.
neat- Boy, thatís a neat shirt.
slap happy- After writing a definition like ďthatís a neat shirt,Ē itís pretty obvious that Iím slap happy.
no sweat- Of course Iíll do it, no sweat.
nuts- If I went to work with no clothes on, people would think Iím nuts.
pain in the neck- She was bothering me. Sheís a real pain in the neck sometimes.
party animal-  He was a real party animal. Now he attends AA.
peanuts- They make peanuts for a salary. They get paid hardly anything at all.
piece of cake- Running a mile is a piece of cake. Itís so easy.
pig out- Sometimes when Iím a guest, I really pig out. I eat everything in sight.
plastered- Sometimes when Iím a guest, Iím given too much vodka. When I leave the party, Iím pretty plastered.
pooped out- When I wake up after being a guest, I donít feel like doing anything. Iím pooped out from the night before.
pro- Heís a real pro at golf. Heís a great golf player.
psyched up- I need to get psyched up for my tutoring lesson or else I wonít learn a thing.
psycho- He was knocking on my door non stop for 5 minutes, what a psycho!
racket- The people that live above me sure make a lot of racket late at night.
rap up- I think we can rap up now. Weíre finished.
ran out of gas- Iíve been typing for so long, I think Iím running out of gas. I will stop now.
hit the sack- Now that Iíve stopped typing, Iím going to hit the sack. I will finish when I wake up.
scam- You paid 10 dollars more than you needed to. What a scam!
screw around- The class will begin when everyone quits screwing around.
shot- I think you can do it. Give it a shot.
shot down- He didnít like my idea. He shot it down before he read the second page.
screw up- I really screwed up. I was suppose to make copies yesterday and now the store closed.
split- We need to split if we want to get home before 12:00.
spuds- I love to eat spuds. Whether theyíre mashed or baked, potatoes are delicious.
straight- I want a straight answer, do you like my cooking?
stressed- I was so stressed out, I couldnít concentrate on anything.
be a sucker- Heís such a sucker. He had to clean up all by himself.
take a hike- If you donít like my cooking, you can take a hike.
take care of business- I have to take care of business. Whereís the bathroom?
totaled- When I was fifteen and didnít have my driverís license, I accidentally totaled my friendís car.
up for grabs- Whatever is left over is up for grabs.
veg out- Iím not doing anything tonight. Iím going to veg out and read a book.
whiz- My mom is really a whiz on the computer. She is so smart.
yukky- Someone once told me my cooking was yukky. I told them to take a hike.
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